View Full Version : The U.S. Is Ranked 182nd In The World

Nihilistic Heathen
07-03-2015, 10:14 AM
"Simply put, itís embarrassing. On a list of 195 countries, the United States is only ahead of 13, and we should be ashamed about that."

Embarrassing: The U.S. Is Ranked 182nd In The World Alphabetically (http://www.clickhole.com/article/embarrassing-us-ranked-182nd-world-alphabetically-1855?utm_campaign=default&utm_medium=ShareTools&utm_source=facebook)

Barry Morris
07-03-2015, 12:41 PM
The scary part is how many Americans will be offended and concerned about this!!! :) :) :)

07-06-2015, 12:15 PM
The funny part is knowing Barry was practicing salivating on his keyboard when he saw this thread's title, so hoping it gave him another reason to bash the U.S.

:) :) :)

for that, I win

07-13-2015, 12:09 PM
That was funny. I clicked the link thinking "I gotta see this source"
I was not dissapointed.