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09-01-2015, 04:24 PM
Reeling from low oil prices, Canada fell into a recession in the first half of the year, government data confirmed Tuesday, putting Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper on the defensive in the run-up to October elections.

According to Statistics Canada, the economy contracted 0.5 percent in the second quarter after retreating 0.8 percent in the previous three months

It is Canada's second recession in seven years and it is the only Group of Seven nation in economic retreat. The figures are the weakest since the 2008 global financial crisis.


Kind of reminds me of Michigan putting too many of its eggs in the auto industry basket. When the industry is rockin', it's great.

But when they're not ...

09-01-2015, 05:24 PM
Harper is doing what he HAS TO DO to try and win re-election. He can relax a bit. He can expect a MINORITY as the Liberals do not have a leader that will convince voters to put trust in the Liberal party once more. The NDP...with a lot of fluff and promises they know they can never keep will continue to scare voters away.