View Full Version : The Conservatives have balanced the books

09-14-2015, 04:49 PM
It seems all of a sudden Mr. Harper can balance the books. IF they have a surplus of 1.9. billion....please give us seniors a raise !!!!fix the roads....take care of our veterans....reduce the gst....reduce the gas tax....it goes on and on and on....
Does anyone believe that we truly have a balanced budget?

09-14-2015, 04:55 PM
Creative finance at a very opportune time.

Barry Morris
09-14-2015, 04:57 PM
They all use the same accountants.

09-14-2015, 04:59 PM
https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSqbqEif3RibqpeGjdjS3S6dwKykqO8i VGsLWBdUWvt3GNNl9kj