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12-23-2015, 04:51 PM
A Muslim family in London say they were barred from a plane bound for Los Angeles, where they planned to visit Disneyland with their children, because of their religion.

However, a check by CNN of traveling family members on UK Electoral Roll shows an email address associated with 18-year-old Hamza Mahmood that links to a suspicious Facebook page.

The page appears to belong to a Birmingham resident with a similar name, whose occupation is listed as Supervisor at Taliban and Leader at al-Qaeda.

Mohammad Mahmood confirmed his son Hamza was part of the trip, and he told CNN the family had no knowledge of the Facebook page until asked about it by a reporter.

They said they are convinced that the only possible reason for removing them was because their Muslim faith.


If that last sentence would be the case, than no Muslims could enter the US.
No, the issue was the Facebook link, the one "they have no knowledge of".

Barry Morris
12-23-2015, 08:48 PM
"associated with"
"appears to"
"similar name"

Not only are these vague assertions, they are from a media source that will ignore any conflicting evidence, I am very sure.

Interesting world we live in, isn't it.