View Full Version : Russia to withdraw forces from Syria

03-14-2016, 07:24 PM
Russian President Vladimir Putin announced Monday that he has ordered Russian forces to begin withdrawing from Syria, saying they have achieved their goals in the country.

The pullback will begin Tuesday, the state-run Sputnik news agency reported.


Well played Vladimir, well played.

03-16-2016, 11:09 AM
"State-run news agency"

A treasure trove of facts and free speech, I bet.

03-16-2016, 06:57 PM
But you have to admit, Vladimir played the whole Syria thing perfectly.

03-20-2016, 10:26 AM
Is he really pulling out though? Would seem to be a mistake, being that the black flags were just taken down and switched out for another factions flag. Daesh is obviously still there, no? Or does Vladimir know something that we don't?