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Barry Morris
04-10-2016, 03:37 PM
"Church teaching holds that unless such Catholics receive an annulment, or a church decree that their first marriage was invalid, they are committing adultery and cannot receive the sacrament.

"The Pope [is] saying, I think in a coded way but in a clear way to those who read the Roman tea leaves, in certain circumstances, it's possible for a divorced and remarried person to turn to the sacraments," said Rev. James Bretzke, a Boston College theologian.

"But he's not giving blanket permission." "


04-11-2016, 08:28 AM
Those are not changes at all, merely suggestions, and if you actually read the entire article Francis goes to great pains to reiterate there is no change to Church dogma or teachings.

Sorry, BM :) :) :)

04-11-2016, 09:44 AM
umm, BM was not making the claim. One of your team members was.

"It's a seismic shift," says Gerard Mannion, a professor in Catholic studies at Georgetown University's department of theology. "A lot of people are saying he hasn't changed any doctrine, but that's not true actually because doctrine is a lot more than what's set in stone in rigid terms.

"He's changing the tone, he's changing the realism of the church and he's actually encouraging the church to put pastoral care ahead of particular rules and particular norms. It's a carefully crafted document once it gets into its flow. It's a real game changer in terms of church's teaching."

04-11-2016, 09:57 AM
LOL, sorry to you, too, Blue, but we're not Protestants...we don't just make it up as we go

"He's not all of a suddenly going to say 'Hey, I'm totally undoing things people have been preaching and teaching in decades," added Mannion. "

04-11-2016, 09:58 AM
No change in doctrine but call for inclusivity in pope’s ‘Joy of Love’


04-11-2016, 09:59 AM
the challenge is not to change doctrine but to inculturate the general


04-11-2016, 10:04 AM
Archbishop Blase Cupich said Pope Francis’ recent writings on “The Joy of Love,” calling for compassion toward “imperfect” Catholics, including the divorced, is not about a change in doctrine, but “reform of the church.”


In the statement, Mulvey said the document is a reflection on the gifts and challenges presented by marriage and family life. He also said it encourages Catholics to support each other in all aspects of family life, including divorce, abuse and same-sex attraction, and to help each other strengthen love and heal wounds.

He stressed the document does not change the church's doctrine or reverse any rules related to the reception of the sacraments, including communion.


you're angry now, so I'll stop :) :) :)

04-11-2016, 10:06 AM
umm, BM was not making the claim. One of your team members was.

But I'm sure BM totally misunderstood what he meant by "change", as i'm sure you do, too.

04-11-2016, 12:38 PM
RWGR, don't look now, but you're obsessing.
I know you are very afraid of changes, but you will come through this just fine.

04-11-2016, 01:00 PM

Sorry, it's just fun to prove you guys wrong. Easy, yes, but still fun :) :) :)

04-11-2016, 03:47 PM
So, what are we arguing about?
Your guy said this is a change.
You are denying it.
Ergo, I am wrong??

Wow. Brilliant deduction, Watson.

04-11-2016, 04:25 PM
Bad Monday, Eh??

Don't sweat it, we all have them