View Full Version : Special weather statement for excessive rain in effect for Sault and area

07-23-2017, 06:31 PM

Please continue to monitor alerts and forecasts issued by Environment Canada. To report severe weather, send an email to ec.cpio-tempetes-ospc-storms.ec@canada.ca or tweet reports using #ONStorm.

Call me simple, but it might be a good idea to change "ec.cpio-tempetes-ospc-storms.ec@canada.ca" into "ONstorm@canada.ca"

Who is going to remember "ec.cpio-tempetes-ospc-storms.ec@canada.ca", and type that in correctly?

07-23-2017, 07:44 PM
There was a time people and companies scrambled for easy to remember web domain names, so they would be easy to remember. But now I don't think it's much of an issue, as people just bookmark everything and rarely have to remember a web domain name.