View Full Version : 88 sunbird parts for sale

08-26-2007, 08:11 PM
parts will fit on a sunbird, or cavalier, the whole care is being parted out, everything in great shape, i can take it off and diliver in town, msg me for what you need

what i have off right now, is a front set of tires, there 13 inch, on the rims, almost brand new, 20 for the front set, and 20 for the back set,

the rads out, and in great shape, 20 dollars

89 auto tranny..no torque converter works 25$

89 2.0 auto engine, works needs head gasket50$

rad hoses, 5 each

2.0 standard engine parts, blocks cracked, but head, intake, ect...still good b/o on prats

steering colum, 25

more parts to come, msg on here or call 251-9026

08-28-2007, 03:15 PM