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08-29-2007, 11:37 AM
Like posted by myself in recent times.

Published: July 27, 2007 - 01:06PM CT

Microsoft today announced a new version of the Xbox 360 console, including some long sought after upgrades to their trouble prone system. The new version, labeled the XBOX 360 Personal Gaming Center edition, will be the most customizable console ever built.

Not all details were readily available, but those that were include:

• 96 Hardware unified shader units (double that of the Xbox 360/Xbox 360 Elite) running at twice the speed of the former Xbox units.
In addition, the new graphic system has a 384 bit bus, vs. 128 bit for the xbox, making it roughly 3 times as fast.

• Ability to scale up to ‘Hyper HD’ resolution, far above current 1080p consoles. The new console can be hooked up, via including
dual HDMI interfaces, to large screen computer monitors or to traditional lower resolution HDTV sets.

• Over 2.5 gigabytes of system memory, with over 512 megabytes of ram dedicated to graphics.

• Dolby Digital and DTS sound supports, both for games and HD media

• Dual general purpose CPU cores running at 2.5 Ghz. Cores share a total of 4 megabytes of ‘cache’ ram. The system even includes the
ability to upgrade, at a future date, to 4, 8, 16, or even 32 cores.

• Ability to use standard Xbox 360 controllers and, in an industry first, controllers from Nintendo Wii and Gamecube, Playstation 1, 2,
and 3 and original Xbox.

• The new console comes with a 500 Gigabyte hard drive, far exceeding both the PS3 (60 or 80 Gigabytes) and Xbox (20 or 120
gigabytes). In another industry first, the new Xbox 360 Personal Gaming Center is able to accept an almost limitless number of
additional drives, both installed in the system and externally via USB and Serial ATA connections.

• Software compatibility includes the ability to run MOST Xbox 360 games. In addition, Microsoft has opened up access, for free, to a
vast library of classic arcade games.

• Web browsing capability is included, along with the ability to run Linux (!) instead of the included operating system, another first for

• Ability to run DVD’s out of the box, but upgradeable to run both BluRay and HD-DVD discs, along with the ability to use the Xbox
360’s HD-DVD upgrade drive.

• Amazingly, the system also doubles, after the addition of an optional TV tuner card, as a Tivo like device with virtually unlimited
storage via its ability to add in hard drives.

• Microsoft has decided to change tactics on 3rd party peripherals, allowing customers to purchase virtually any wireless access device,
headphone, web cam or other peripheral they choose.

• In another change in tactics benefiting the gamer, Microsoft has waived the fee to play games online, with certain exceptions
(MMORPG’s for instance). Virtually all online games will be playable for free after the game has been purchased.

• Games for the new Xbox system allow the user to create ‘mods’ or user created content, greatly extending the life of the game
purchase. ‘Some games will be playable for years’ on the new system, given the existence of user mods for the first time.

• Media for the new system will be available for a lower initial price, with AAA titles starting at around $49.99 vs. the now standard
$59.99. In addition, many AAA will be directly downloadable, resulting in faster load times and eliminating the need to keep a play
disc in the drive.

• Total system cost varies depending on the options installed, but a user would be able to purchase the basic Xbox Personal Gaming Center for around $699, making it the most expensive


Information found here and a PICTURE of it.

The article also mentioned it is available everywhere NOW.


08-29-2007, 08:43 PM
Hmm...... upgradable, ability to run linux..... everything I just read makes it sound more like a computer then a console.

08-30-2007, 07:51 AM
That is why it is called Personal "Gaming Center edition"

Now i can't find it anywhere for sale and who knows maybe it was a something or another idea, we will have to wait and see.

08-30-2007, 09:00 AM
I call BS... doesn't exist and never will... pretty sure it's just a PC gamers way of saying a PC is better than a 360... that's my take on it anyways

08-30-2007, 09:34 AM
Yes same here that is why i posted it and wanted others to also see what a great thing it it ever was true, but time will tell if MS every does do some of those things in a future Xbox 360 console.

08-30-2007, 08:20 PM
It's a hoax. If you read the bottom of the document ....

THIS JUST IN. The XBOX PGC is, shockingly, available everywhere NOW.

Yeah .... that and the fact that you can tell the case is a PC case on the market today .... It's bogus.