View Full Version : 94 grandam se, 2 door, 3100, v6

09-28-2007, 09:44 PM
Its white in great shape, the engine needs to be fixed, needs the head gasket replaced, other wise bodys good, paints about 3 years old, interiors mint, ac works good, heat works good, tires good, new struts monroe sensatracks, inner, and outer tie rod ends new, wheel hubs, and many other parts, breaks are still good, might need to be changed, but im not sure, e-break works, all the glass is intact. 700obo, i know a garage that will do all the work for a really good price, i called around all the other garages wanted around 1000, this place will do if for about 3,400 ish...so get ahold of me if you want any info, i will have pics posted tomorrow. thanks. bradwc2002@hotmail.com