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10-26-2007, 09:11 AM
Hi everyone,
My dad recently lost his job, and my parents need to cut down the animal population in their house. They've been rescuing misc. animals for years, and have several small animals that need homes. My parents would never just 'get rid of them' but they can't afford to keep feeding them, or they're going to starve themselves. Most of these animals were taken in as rescues from people that didn't want them, so I really would like to find them forever homes, rather than keep bouncing them around.

(all prices below negotiable to the right home, and dependant on whether you need the aquariums/cages that come with the animals)

Animals that need homes:
-a male chinese waterdragon. Beautiful condition, very healthy and brightly coloured - almost full grown. He's pretty tame, can be touched and handled and has never tried to bite, although he's not fond of being picked up. I'm sure that with just a little time he would become an awesome pet for an older child. Comes with everything you need (aquarium, heat lamp, water container, etc) $50

-bearded dragon (juvenile). This little guy was a rescue, who just isn't growing. He's in the right environment, right temps, etc, but I think he was stunted in his early months. He's about a year, but is still really small. He eats well, and can be handled. Comes with tank, lights, etc... $40.

-8 misc. fancy coloured budgies. Again, I think all but one of these were rescues, so none are really tame. They don't try to bite when doing cage maintenance or anything, but aren't really the kind of bird you would carry around on your shoulder, without doing some work on hand taming them. They're in a large (4' long) cage, all together. I think they could go individually, but if you wanted them all, you could take the cage as well. Beautiful birds, there's a white one, a white and pale blue one, two green and yellow (mostly yellow), all yellow, and blue and white. $10 each for birds, or $50 for the whole set up, cage included.

-a grey and white dwarf rabbit, about 3 years old. Again, was a rescue, so is very nervous. Can be handled, and has never bitten, but is nervous. He was rescued from a breeder that was using netherland dwarf rabbits as food rabbits, so if you take him, you have to promise you won't eat him. $30 for large cage, rabbit, etc.

-Two leopard geckos (about a year and a half old). My mom has a large colony, and they've bred twice. She has two that cannot go in with the main population because they get picked on. One has lost his tail during a scuffle, but it's grown back and he's fat and healthy. The other is in perfect health. They are currently housed together and get along great. $40 for the two including tank set up, or $20 each.

They also have a couple special needs animals, that if the right home came along they would part with.

-an orange and red guinea pig who is about 5 or 6 years old. He has a benign tumor on his left front leg/stomach. He's not in any pain, and it doesn't inhibit him in any way, but it's big and might make some people uncomfortable. He's not very friendly, and has come from a really bad home before he arrived here where he was tormented by several small children all day. He wouldn't make a very good pet for small children, but is incredibly interactive with adults, as long as you don't try to pick him up. He loves all kinds of fruits and veg and is hilarious to watch at feeding time. If you're interested in Ray, let me know and we can discuss possible price/suitability of your home. **EDIT** my sister told me that I'm wrong about his background. Apparently I'm thinking of another GP that they took in. This guy apparently came from a home where he was never handled. The person who had him was afraid of him, so he never had any human contact.

-Leopard gecko about a year old (can sex if you're interested) He was born with a defect that has left him blind. He has eye sockets, but no eyes. He's nearly full grown, and hunts well, but needs to be in a small tank, so that he can find his prey. He needs to be kept separate from other geckos. Again, if you're interested, contact me for more info.

-there is also a pair of white faced cockatiels that we 'may' be willing to part with, if the right home came along. The male of the pair we've had for 12 years, so he's getting up there in age and would need a quiet home with no small children. He's very talkative, and knows several words, commands, tricks, etc. His mate is 5 years old, and not very friendly. She kind of sits there and gives you the evil eye if you try to talk to her. They're hilarious to watch and would make great companions for an elderly person. Again, PM me for more info about Oscar and Lady. These guys are really special to me, and I will only see them go to the best of homes. If I can't find the perfect place, I may take them with me (I'm expecting my first child soon though, and the noise and extra work are not something I'm really looking forward to).

They've also got some misc. equipment that my mom keeps on hand for when she's taking in rescues, that she's willing to part with now that she won't be taking any more animals in. There are a couple of small animal cages (hamster sized) ($10 each), some large 70 gal. aquariums ($50 each), and some reptile heat lamps ($20 each). Also, if the above animals go without the cages, those set-ups/cages will be available.

If you'd like more info on anything, PM me. As I said, all prices are negotiable, depending on the home. I'd like to stay away from 'I can't afford to pay you for the animals' because in my experience that means you can't afford to keep them either, and I'm not interested in bouncing these animals around unnecessarily.

Thanks everyone!

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can you hold the aquarium?

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do you still have the bearded dragon?if so ill take him please send me a pm with a phone # ok thanks alot cindi

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do you still have the dwarf rabbit

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are there any of 70gal aquariums left? if so lemme know, i have a friend who needs a bigger one for her snake.

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