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10-31-2007, 09:02 AM
Is it true if you get a vitamin b-12 shot that it gets you going again

10-31-2007, 09:09 AM
I starting taking it last week..
will let ya know

10-31-2007, 09:09 AM
Depends. might be something else wrong with you too.
Get some blood tests, THEN see if you can benefit from a B12 Shot.
I used to take them when I worked nights, they worked but you gotta keep taking them. LOL

10-31-2007, 09:16 AM
B-12 could also cause some pretty neasty/weird dreams.

10-31-2007, 10:06 AM
I have a B12 deficiency so I give myself the shots and I don't really notice a difference in energy although; I have heard it's suppose to increase your energy. It could be that I don't notice because of the deficiency already.

10-31-2007, 11:57 AM
You can also buy it in tablet form. If you get the one that melts under your tongue, you get more from it than if you just chew and swallow. "Sublingual" I believe the term is. Much more affordable than the shots as well.

B-12 is also supposed to help with mood swings.

I got the shots for a while but bruised so badly that it wasn't worth me continuing.

Chaotic Chick
10-31-2007, 02:59 PM
I took the sublingual B-12 for mood swings. I don't think it helped all that much, but my mother thought so and always tells me to start taking it again. Apparently I have a deficiency.
As for increased energy, it did not help me with that. Sublingual is definitely the way to go though if you take the pills rather than the shots.

10-31-2007, 06:26 PM
DO you need a script to get the pills or do you just go to the pharmacist. I just bought a vial of B12 injection but know one will give me the shot and I don't like giving it to myself. I have a fear of needles. LOL go figure the amount of surgeries and staples I have had you wouldn't think that would be a problem for me.

11-01-2007, 04:57 PM
You don't need a script for the pills.
As for the shot, have you tried the injection clinic at the GHC? My Mom goes there for shots in her feet, but they have been prescribed by her Doctor. You may also check into the Medical Day Care at the hospital, they may be able to help you or teach you to do it for yourself. Just a couple of thoughts.

11-01-2007, 08:05 PM
yeah i just can't do it myself. I know I have two tattoo and I have had gastric bypass and reconstructive surgery on my elbow and cosmetic surgery taking off all the extra skin on my arms and yet I have a phobia of needles so long as I don't see them I am ok I see the needle and I pass out. I will check into the injection clinic at the GHC.

11-02-2007, 07:21 PM
I buy the B-12 sublingual ones across at walmart. 500 MCG tablets, 270 in a bottle for $4.95 or there abouts.

11-06-2007, 09:05 AM
I would get CBW done before taking any B vitamin. You can overdose; B Vitamin information. (http://http://www.acu-cell.com/bx2.html)

11-06-2007, 09:35 AM
You can also get the B-12 sublingual at Wal-mart here but they are $9.95...little thin strips, like paper that you put under your tougne....taste like cinnimon.....I started those almost 2 weeks ago.....they are 1000 mcg.... B12 does help with mood swings alot....and yes it does give you more energy over a period of time as long as you keep taking it.....but I would make sure and have test done and see if your body needs it before you takeing it over a long period of time....

11-06-2007, 12:32 PM
<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Lady*Lettuce</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I would get CBW done before taking any B vitamin. You can overdose; B Vitamin information. (http://http://www.acu-cell.com/bx2.html) </div></div>

My doctor told me you can't overdose on B12. Also your link doesn't work for me.

11-06-2007, 01:04 PM
You will not overdose on Vitamin B12 whatever your body does not use you will excrete. This is not the case with all vitamins but it is the case with vitamin b12.

11-06-2007, 01:10 PM
l also get bloodwork every 3 months to test all my levels.

11-06-2007, 01:18 PM

11-06-2007, 01:25 PM
and here is another site.


Cyanocobalamin is a man-made form of vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is important for growth, cell reproduction, blood formation, and protein and tissue synthesis.

Cyanocobalamin is used to treat pernicious anemia, and vitamin B12 deficiency.

Cyanocobalamin may also be used for purposes other than those listed in this medication guide.

Seek emergency medical attention if you think you have used too much of this medicine. An overdose of cyanocobalamin is not likely to cause life-threatening symptoms.

11-15-2007, 08:57 AM
so this b 12 works for moods...i need some of those!!!

im cheakin out wallfart next time im down that end..

11-15-2007, 10:09 AM
I bought the liquid one yesterday. Hoping for an energy boost.

12-04-2007, 04:25 PM
my mom takes b12 and it definitely helps her mood. it's also good for pms..lol..

no name brand!
12-04-2007, 07:43 PM
I give myself a b12 shot once every two weeks (def) issues and the shot bottle itself is like 4.25 a mont it cost me! I love it my hair loves i can tell when i am low.....