View Full Version : New Craft Outlet for Venders in Town

11-22-2007, 10:52 PM
This is from the new kid on the block or should I say the new Crafter's Outlet in Town.
This is a location at 95 Goulais Ave in the westend ( and I mean the WESTEND ) of Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Canada that is open every Saturday and Sunday from 9:00am till 4:00pm where craft venders can display and sell their creations to the browsing public.
This outlet is a yearound location which tries to keep up with the seaonal times like Halloween - Christmas - Valentines Day - St. Patrick Day - Easter and what ever else falls in line. Therefore if you are a crafter and looking for somewhere to display and sell your creations this is the place to be.
We are presently in the Christmas mode and have several venders coming and going with many types of different crafts.We have a person who makes silk flower arrangements and Wreathes. We have a gentleman who makes and designs antique rustic furniture and lawn displays. We have a person who creates quilted embroidered pictures of scenery with her sewing machine. Then there is a lady who makes Children's PJ'S and oversized adult fleece housecoats. There is also the main crafter who is set up yearound on weekends selling home baking - family sized fruit pies - tarts - cookies - breads ( white/wholewheat/bananna/cinnamon ) bunns - pot pies ( turkey/beef steak/ french Canadian torte) - chocolate fudges and many many more different articles.
So for all the time it takes to come and browse free and sign up for the daily free draw for a gift certificate plan now for the weekend trip.
Venders looking for more information please call Barb or Paul at
(1-705)-254-2592 or come visit us at 95 Goulais Ave on the weekend you will be surprised as to how low a fee it is to get a space at the Bayview Crafts & Fleamarket location.

Thank You hope to hear from you all. Baraloie