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    Poll: Re: Your Driving... Matters!

    Premature to lay blame eh?

    I think your post was kinda premature in assuming innocence. I have experience on accident scenes, which is why (when I saw the accident scene first-hand) I knew the...
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    Re: how does this deserve it's own forum?

    DJ's also do much more than setup a basic playlist. Being an on-air Internet DJ, it takes a lot of effort and work to plan shows. I gotta give in-person DJ's credit because you can't just go in...
  3. Actually I've seen a better idea down south (and here, if you include parts of the hub trail)... In busy locations, like down town, instead of wasting that space between the sidewalk and curb you...
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    Re: Carmen's Way - the hits just keep coming!

    Getting this thread back on topic...

    I actually have seen the fury of hurried and horrible drivers on Carmen's Way in the morning and evening hours. I've been on that road many times with them. ...
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    Poll: Your Driving... Matters!

    I know people love to rant about the city and how screwed up the streets are, but have they taken a moment to stop and think about how much safer they would be if the people on them just drove safe? ...
  6. Re: WARHAMMER ONLINE Who is Playing we have a sit

    Just a quick note, my main domain is down for registration and may take up to 5 days before it's back available. The Mirror is still functioning fine though. Once again, that mirror is;
  7. Thread: spore

    by ViperZeroOne

    Re: spore

    This game is extremely fun, and easy (even on Hard)... If I had to sum it up it would be like taking all the best gaming genre's and mushing them together into a blockbuster.

    I used to think the...
  8. Re: WARHAMMER ONLINE Who is Playing we have a sit

    Thanks Brent, for posting this while I was finalizing the site...

    That's right folks, Open Beta has hit the servers and we're ready for it! Getting off the ground we would love to get everyone...
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