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Thread: outdoor dogs, a letter i recieved from peta.

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    Default outdoor dogs, a letter i recieved from peta.

    i just thought i would share this email that i recieved with all of you animal lovers. im not trying to get you into this, please dont get that idea. it just makes me feel really good that this is where my money has gone. i know that when the weather gets cold, i cant stop thinking about those poor backyard dogs out there in the cold and dark. anyway, i thought this was a nice letter,and i wanted to share.

    "Notes on Angel for Animals Doghouse Deliveries (November 16, 2007)

    "We dropped off two houses at the address. The dogs were again super-friendly. We removed the useless shelters that they had and set up two new homes for the dogs. We removed LOTS of broken glass, feces, etc., and set up new bowls for food and water. What I remember most about this stop was how good the dogs were while we worked. Because of the incredibly short chains, we had to dig, chop, and rake right next to the dogs. They didn't mind at all."

    "This location had a young dog living inside a small pen on a concrete slab, with a tipped-over trash can for shelter. We provided a new house and moved the pen to a grassy area. We also put in some extra straw and reinforced the bottom of the pen as much as we could so that the dog wouldn't be able to dig his way out. Again, lots of treats, food, and water were provided. A caseworker will follow up with this one too."

    Thanks to your support, 496 dogs can look forward to shelter in sturdy doghouses through the frigid winter months this year and for many years to come.

    There are so many dogs facing months of sleet and snow while they are chained in freezing back yards with only the most decrepit shelter, if any. Helping these dogs is the reason why PETA created the "Angel for Animals" program.

    For the past nine winters, PETA has driven into low-income, depressed areas and provided hundreds of durable, solid doghouses--free of charge--to dogs who otherwise would have to endure the bitter wind, ice, and snow without any shelter or with just a piece of metal or board up against the fence. Each doghouse is built to last and filled with straw bedding to help provide what--for some dogs--is the first feeling of warmth and comfort they've ever known.

    Could you provide a doghouse for such a "forgotten dog" this holiday season?

    Since its start, I've seen firsthand exactly how this program has improved the lives of needy dogs. The "before" photos can be deeply upsetting: dogs chained like bicycles to trash cans or trees or attached to a heavy chain--all of which is legal in the areas we visit. It's the dozens of "after" photos of these dogs' happy faces that illustrate how much dogs need the basic, vital comfort that sturdy, straw-filled shelter can provide.

    an Angel for Animals doghouse sponsorship can bring the joy and warmth of the holiday season to a dog who has never known love or comfort.

    Thank you for everything you do for animals."

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    Default Re: outdoor dogs, a letter i recieved from peta.

    I am so happy that there are people in this world that care enough to help animals. Thanks for the read.
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