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Thread: Snowshoes

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    Default Snowshoes

    Any suggestions on some good snow shoes? Does anyone in the Sault carry some, besides Canadian Tire and WalMart? What about Joe's Sports?

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    Default Re: Snowshoes

    try source for sports in cambrian mall
    i bought my snowshoes from canadian tire a few years ago and are pretty good
    i am sure joe's sports would have them
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    Default Re: Snowshoes

    Even have a look at Wally world and Canadian tire..

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    Default Re: Snowshoes

    Joe's has some very nice aluminum frame shoes. Really nice harness. Super light and durable. They are expensive but if you use them lots then definately worth the dollar. You get what you pay for. I bought a pair a few years back because I needed them - cheapos - and they bit really hard. When I got my better pair I was amazed at how much further I could go when I wasn't tired from lugging those crappy ones I had been wearing. Go see Joe - he'll hook you up. Don't have to go top of the line but don't buy crap either.
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