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Thread: Chili/Cream Cheese Chip Dip

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    Default Chili/Cream Cheese Chip Dip

    This dip is great for taco chips/corn chips (like scoops)

    1 large can of chili (mild,medium,hot whatever you prefer)
    1 pkge of cream cheese

    Heat the chili in a pot on stove and then add the cream cheese. Stir til cream cheese is melted into the chili.
    Dip in your chips and enjoy!

    NOTE: Use 1 pkge of cream cheese to 1 can of chili; 1 pkges of cream cheese to 2 cans of chili etc

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    Default Re: Chili/Cream Cheese Chip Dip

    I have one kinda similar to's very good too...

    1 can chilli
    1 jar cheeze whiz
    1 small jar of salsa(give or take)

    Heat chilli and cheese on the stove and add salsa once its heated. I find i sometimes get that cheez whiz taste so i put some taco seasoning in and it's very good. [img]/ubbthreads/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif[/img]

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