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Thread: Extra Virgin.(got your attention huh)

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    Default Extra Virgin.(got your attention huh)

    Can extra virgin olive oil be stored safely in the kitchen cupboard OR should it be kept in the frig?

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    Default Re: Extra Virgin.(got your attention huh)

    air, heat, and light are your enemies when storing olive oil

    Store at a temperature of 14 degrees C. or 57 degrees F. If you have a wine cellar, store your olive oils there and keep a small amount in your kitchen. Always replace the cap on the bottle. Do not put olive oil in a container without a tight cap.

    When chilled, or in cold weather, the oil may turn cloudy and even solidify. Such oil will clear again as it warms, so cloudiness should not be taken as an indication that the oil is part its prime. Be sure bottles are tightly sealed. Olive oil can be refrigerated but doing so will cause it to congeal and turn cloudy, but should not affect flavor. If refrigerated, olive oil will return to its original, liquid state when warmed to room temperature again.
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    Default Re: Extra Virgin.(got your attention huh)

    WoW...I was in Basics awhile back and they had olive oil on special. Just didn't know why all the bottles were really cloudy from the bottom of the bottle up to about halfway. I didn't buy any as I didn't know what caused this and all the bottles were cloudy.

    Thanks, now I know!
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