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Thread: Air purifier

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    Default Air purifier

    I am looking at buying an air purifier but dont know where to start.
    What should I look for? Do I need one on each floor or each room? Any recommendations?
    I have allergies and one of my cats has feline asthma.
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    Default Re: Air purifier

    Check out Canadian Tire, not in the housewares section though. They do have the smaller ones there. But if you are looking for something that'll help out with more area then check back just a couple aisles over from the ceiling fans and stuff. We found a whole slew over there, never would have known about had we not wandered that way.

    The one we got is a purifier/dehumidifier/humidifier thingy. It's a floor model thingy and it works well for us as it covers lots of square feet rather than buying more than one to cover more area.

    This is the one we got, they do put them on sale as well. (That's when we got ours). We are very happy with it.

    Canadian Tire Air Purifiers
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    Default Re: Air purifier

    We've had this model (they changed it a bit) for going on 3 years and it's still going strong. I keep one in our bedroom and one in the livingroom/kitchen area. My husband has nasty allergies to the pets and this really has made a huge difference. When the outer filter is full, the light comes on so I just go and vacuum them out.
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