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Thread: Problem with Sap/honeydew HELP

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    Default Problem with Sap/honeydew HELP

    Okay I have a very large tree in my from yard and every spring it starts to what I believe is sap, But I mean Tonnes of it like all over the car (actually have to hose the car off befor driving from all the sap) when you stand by the tree you can actually feel it dropping like rain...Everything I have googled says it's aphids and the stiff I believed to be sap is actually a honeydew they drop.. Has anyone else had a problem with these and is there any tips you have on helping stop this??

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    Default Re: Problem with Sap/honeydew HELP

    no idea, but i can sympathise. Only ours is acorns, dropping down and denting the car? lol.
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    Default Re: Problem with Sap/honeydew HELP

    If it was sap, you probably wouldn't be able to rinse it off the car. If you want to stop it, maybe get some ladybugs, they eat aphids. And they are pretty, lol. Aphids attract ants as well because the honeydew is a free/easy meal. You can order ladybugs from most gardening supply places, but I don't know about locally.

    I believe you can also get a natural soap that you can spray on the tree to kill the aphids. Good luck because it sounds like it's getting rather gross to deal with.
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    Default Re: Problem with Sap/honeydew HELP

    * Squashing a few aphids around the infested plants releases a chemical signal that makes the other aphids drop from the plants and leave.
    * To foil aphids: flatten a square of aluminum foil around the base of plants to bounce light on the undersides of leaves. This also helps the plants in giving them more light.
    * Try a barrier of powdered charcoal, calcium dust or bonemeal to keep them away from your plants.
    * Stinging Nettle Spray: Aphids & Thrips - Cover 1 quart nettles with water, cover and ferment for 3 weeks. Mix 1 part nettle tea with 7 parts water. Spray.
    * Spread out a barrier of tansy around the base of the plant to stop those ants.
    * Use a spray made from a tea of tomato or potato leaves and water.
    * Chop 12 or so tomato leaves and 1 chopped onion in 1/2 cup of of 70% isopropyl alcohol for a few minutes. Apply the mixture directly on aphids with a cue tip or paintbrush.
    * A forceful spray of water is often enough to knock the aphids off the plant and may discourage the ants, well sometimes.
    * Put a bright yellow plastic pan in a strategic spot in the garden. Fill it a third of the way full with water. Aphids are drawn to the yellow color, land on the water, sink and drown.
    * A soap spray can be used to strip them of their protective wax coating, dehydrating them. Mix 1 tablespoon of Castile soap to 1 gallon of water, spray.
    * Garlic oil spray can kill aphids and other soft bodied pests.
    * A dusting of diatomaceous earth is lethal to aphids. Wear a mask when using DE.
    * Teas made from elderberry or rhubarb leaves can act as a deterrent. Oxalic acid is the compound present in these plants that makes a spray effective. It is poisonous.
    * Place banana peels at the base of infested plant. The peels give them a shot of potassium too!
    * Also See: Treatments: Horseradish, elderberry and yarrow tea.
    * For wooly aphids on apple trees: grow the trailing type nasturtiums training them to wrap up and around the tree trunk to ward off these pests. Very attractive too! Note: nasturtiums will specifically attract the black aphid while repelling others.

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