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Thread: ATV belts are they all good?

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    Default ATV belts are they all good?

    I look at my belt on a 500 H.O Sportsman ,its the original Polaris 3211069 belt with 220 hrs. It looks not bad but I think I might as well change it out since its apart now.

    The Polaris dealer wants $89 for the belt but Canadian Tire sell a Goodyears "Gator Back" 30gb51040 Sportsman 500 belt for $50.

    Do you think they are as good?

    Good year ATV Belt specs.
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    Default Re: ATV belts are they all good?

    As good? No.

    see pm for reason
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    Default Re: ATV belts are they all good?

    i put a canadian tire one on and it's worked fine

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