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Thread: Black Cat Found

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    Default Black Cat Found

    This Ad was on Soo Today May 7/08:

    Has anyone lost a beautiful, loving black cat with brown eyes??? It came to 324 Sussex on Saturday night and has settled here since. It once had a red collor with a bell but 2 days later it had none. We don't know if it has a home or maybe lost. It stays here and has slept here. It crys a lot and looking for food.
    If anyone had lost this cat, please call 946-4035 or come by 324 Sussex. Thank you Michelle

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    Default Re: Black Cat Found

    Hi Mimi: this is the lady with the black cat across forom the home you work at I was wondering if you have seen her. She got out Sat and hasn't returned. We have company from out of town and she got out when they were going out and I guess didnt notic eher till it was to late and she bolted out. plz let me know.
    Thank You.

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