Well i updated my drivers to reflect some beta's that are rolling around the net right now... version date is July 22 2008 ---- 8.8 betas.

I ran video card at same speed as my previous testing and again drivers are at default settings.

I have to NOTE one thing about these drivers.. I GET NO MORE MICRO-STUTTERING in benchmarks or games with them OC'ed .. Of course at stock speeds there is no stutter either.

Previous drivers caused a slight micro-stutter only when OC'ed (of course at stock no stutter) and many ppl are getting it, but these drivers the betas i just installed ... showed no micro-stutter.

Here is a new Vantage Score:

This is a 479 point increase and all it was is a driver update/install.

Ati is improving the drivers and i hope the official 8.8's score even better.

Just to note if you run the feature tests or don't run the tests .. score is no difference really --- maybe 10-20 more points if you don't run the feature tests. So to save time when running Vantage i decided not to run feature tests as there is no point in them except to compare FPS and gpixels and gtexels of other cards