a retired couple are on vacation and are crossing the border in sault ste. marie.
at the border crossing the customs officer asks where they are from and the man answers "saginaw, michigan". the old woman leans over and says to her husband, "what'd he say" the man tells her "he wants to know where we are from".
the customs officer then asks if they are bringing anything into canada they have to declare and just as the man is about to answer him, the old lady leans over and says "what'd he say"?
her husband ,loudly (so she can hear), says "he wants to know if we have anything to declare". he then tells the customs officer "no".
the customs officer leans in a bit and says to the old man "you know, i've been down that way for bowling tournaments a couple of times. in fact the worst sex i ever had was with a woman down there". the old woman again asks, "what'd he say", to which her husband replies "he thinks he knows you".