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Thread: Cutest Diaper Bag

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    Default Cutest Diaper Bag

    I found the cutest retro diaper bag at the IDA in ... the plaza in the east end with red apple and food basics in it...

    It was a good price. I find lots of cute things in the IDA's. The IDA in the west end has always had the best things in it.

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    Default Re: Cutest Diaper Bag

    there is no more red apple
    what's there now?

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    Default Re: Cutest Diaper Bag

    there making a bargin shop where red apple was. should be coming soon

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    Chaotic Chick

    Default Re: Cutest Diaper Bag

    I love IDA! I live near the one in the East End and I agree, the one in Market Mall has more selection. They have nice knick knacks, wind chimes, etc. I go in there to buy shampoo and wind up walking out with a bunch of other stuff that caught my eye!

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