Don't know if there's a better place for this thread (the mods will definitely move this thread if it's in the wrong place) but anyway, my g/f accidentally broke her cell phone's LCD screen while it was in her pocket, and I just ordered her a new LCD but when I looked at the phone, I realized that getting at the current screen to replace it might be a little more difficult than I had predicted. Anyway, I was hoping someone might help me locate a repair or tech manual for the LG Rumor/Scoop/UX260/AX260/LX260 (yes there's alot of different associating model numbers) or if someone knows how to do it depending on the price I might be willing to simply pay for the repair.

Oh and before ANYONE even says it (yes I already looked at Google without success but I figured someone might know a little more where to look or better keywords to use)

If you need to send anything send it to

Thanks in advance.