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Thread: Best stuff to use for old urine smells???

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    Default Best stuff to use for old urine smells???

    What do you recommend?

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    Default Re: Best stuff to use for old urine smells???

    If you can't find something at the pet store specially made for it, then vinegar works. Your place may smell a bit like a pickle jar for a while but that passes soon enough.
    Depends on how much you saturate the area. When I find spots (found a Harry one last night, long days I guess) and they are dry, I pour enough vinegar on it to loosen/liquify and then wipe it up. All natural and cheap, best thing is that the pets can't smell where they've peed which stops them from "remarking" the spot.

    I use it in the washer as well for washing the pet beds, works great as a deodorizer.
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    Default Re: Best stuff to use for old urine smells???

    Yes It seems like I heard of that to. ALso seems like you put some baking soda on it after the vinger you can take a tooth brush or other Brush and it break up and stain mark.

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