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Thread: Car starter

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    Default Re: Car starter

    i wish i could afford autostart lol

    car trek hooked me up with a remote for my wife's intrpid could not find em anywhere but there

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    I dunno how much the system was back when the truck was new.. but I do know my moms 94 geo metro had the same one as my truck does and its a 01... I know its the same as I just found the remote for my moms car LOL and my remote is broken for the truck.. well the body of it is.. SO I plane to switch the case.. IM so scared im going to loose the remote for my truck as it flops in my purse all the time.. errrrrrr..

    ITS the AUTOSTART brand.. and works like a charm...

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    Default Re: Car starter

    I can rebuild your case for you. It seems a certain fluid I have disolves ABS plastic very nicely, and works wonders on most remote cases. $10, and you need to leave it over night. I may have some old Autostart cases in my junk box. N/C if I have one that fits.

    oops...just re-read that, and see you have a case.. For anyone else with a broken case then, better than having to pay $40 for a new one.
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    Well we got our starter and can't be happier. It's nice not freezing our @ss in the mornings. Car Trek is awesome to deal with, thanks again.

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