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Thread: another girl question..

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    Default another girl question..

    has anyone ever had their tubes tied after giving birth naturally with no drugs. I know of people who have had it done after they had a c section, but i can't find anything on line about getting it done after natural child birth. I would assume that they would have to freeze the person after they have had the baby inorder to perform the procedure and does the doc give you the option of how they do it? I know their are anumber of ways to do it. My mother had it done with bands. Like the elastic looking things they tie the tubes off with, and well 10 years later I ended up with a little sister because one of the bands slipped. Any info would be appreciated. Also will they do a hysterectomy instead of just tying the tubes? Or do you have to be a certain age before they will do this. I do have an appt but i just want some back ground. any info would be appreciated.

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    Hi Giggle.
    1 I was told they will not cut burn and tie anymore do to risks. THEY now only "clamp"
    2 they will not do it after a natural child birth anymore because you are swollen and being they do not cut and burn. the clamps come loose they will only do it after c section as they can get right in there. its not done laperscope(sp).

    I had a tubal in 03 4 months after my child was born. I gave birth in 05 to another after my clamp had come loose. I was also double clampped both tubes they are not sure how it got through but it did.. and IM happy it did. cause about 8 months after the tubal I really wanted a reversal and was told no it would ever happen cause of the double clamps.

    P.s THEY will not and I mean will not do a hysterectomy unless something is medically wrong in there. I asked as the second tubal I had they took the fallopian tubes and I said well if you take them then take it all and Dr Zehr would not.

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    Default Re: another girl question..

    No one will do a hysterectomy as a form of birth control. It is major surgery. If you had a Dr who would do a hysterectomy instead of a tubal. Run....

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