My name is Cheryl and I am an Independent Avon Recruiter as well as representative in Sault Ste Marie. We are currently pursuing new representatives to service this area.

Please allow me to share with you some of the benefits that Avon offers to their representatives:

1.One-time low start up fee of only $20

2.Fantastic sales and deals for representatives

3. Great comission opportunities

4.Many levels of support including your upline representative, district manager and Avon Products while owning your own business;

5.Unlimited earnings;

6.Profits in-hand immediately; you only pay Avon your cost for the product so you don’t have to wait for a check for your earnings.

7. Best of all the Avon business is still booming through the recession!!

…and so much more!

Your $20 start up fee gets you a tote bag consisting of an abundance of information on how to start, grow and maintain your business, samples, one month’s worth of brochures, order books, etc. Sign up today and receive a full size Avon product that you can either keep for yourself or sell at 100% profit!

I CAN SIGN YOU UP TODAY!!I encourage you to show your friends and family the enclosed brochures and see what kind of response you get!

Call 575 0442 or email me today for more information on how to get started or to view the brochures!