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    We are looking to buy a new computer. I have heard a lot of good things about MAC's not getting viruses. Is this true? Does anyone have any input what kind of computer is better. The kids will be using it for games and facebook. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Mac's dont get very many viruses because of the marketshare that Apple owns. over 90% of all computers are running Windows so it would be less likely for a hacker to attempt a virus on any other machine than a Windows machine. The Mac's are pricey so if you are willing to part with that amount of cash, then Mac's are the way to go.

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    also depends what you're looking to have the computer do... Mac's are great for certain things (audio/video recording and editing) while not so great for other things (gaming). There are certainly more day-to-day use apps for the mac these days than there was even a few years ago, but i find for casual use, a pc is fine.
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    If you are concerned about viruses you could buy a PC and install a Linux Os on it afterwards. You will be able to pick windows or Linux from a boot menu, and since the MAC Os is based on linux, you will just be as safe from viruses as on a Mac, but for a fraction of the Mac prize.
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