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Thread: Basement Renovations

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    Default Basement Renovations

    Ok, as some of the Soonetters have told me in person, they are right. One of our "ghosts" really appears to hate our renovating.
    For the information of those who did not know, our house flooded just before new years eve this past January. We have known for some time that we have a few different spirits in our home. Typically, they dont bother us. Did find it funny though when our neighbours ask us what goes on in our house when we are away. i.e. flashes of lights, strange banging noises, etc.
    Anyway, in January, when the basement renos started, we all felt extremely uncomfortable down there. The "boy" and "sump pump" spirit really didnt like the change. I think the sump pump guy was most irritated with us. Funny thing, the sump pump stopped working properly, and this is what caused the flood.
    Anyway, early this afternoon, when my 10 year old came down to see what was happening(he was away all day), he helped me with some painting. My FIL came down to watch this. Well, suddenly, out of the laundry room came a big crashing noise. I typically keep the laundry baskets in the same spot of the laundry room, while they are not in use.
    We all bravely went in to the laundry room to see what the problem was. Found one of the laundry baskets In The Sump Pump Hole!!
    That is a feat in itself, due to the hole being hard to get to.

    I guess I can only tell you, that if you do renovate, do what you need to do to keep the spirits happy. We will continue working on the basement, and hope that "sump pump guy" is happy from here on in.
    One thing we have done, is paint the basement a much lighter colour. Previous to this, it was dark. Dark Burgundy and Forest green. We are going to go with Packer Yellow, (surprise to no one who knows us) and Green Trim. I think he might not like the ligher colours.

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    Default Re: Basement Renovations

    First off, bah to the Packers...*ducks
    I told ya before, tell them it's your house and they don't live there anymore. If they don't like what you're doing with the renovations, they can leave. Lemme at 'em!!! Any by that, I don't mean I'm coming over to help you renovate...lmao

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