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Thread: Black/Brown Dresser

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    Default Black/Brown Dresser

    Looking for a 6-8 drawer dresser. Don't want one with a Mirror on it, or one that's removable.

    Condition is of moderate importance, but it's not a make or break condition.

    Would like pictures if possible. Thanks =)

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    Default Re: Black/Brown Dresser

    We have one with six drawers that we will sell for $50.00. It is made of real wood, so it can be sanded, if you have the time, and painted whatever colour you wanted.

    It's not in the best shape, but again, if it was sanded/painted, would look really good. The bottom drawer needs to be fixed, but my boyfriend said a couple of nails would fix that. I could probably get him to fix it for you, if you wanted. The drawer works, just has a hard time closing again.

    I'll try to get pictures for you.
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