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Thread: Benefit for hunter hilliard

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    Default Benefit for hunter hilliard

    Hunter is 8 years old. Her parents discovered a lump on the left side of her neck only a few months ago. It was a tumor growing at a rapid rate. She was diagnosed with Myofibro Sarcoma and the tumor was removed successfully on September 30th. She has been recovering from the surgery and she is so brave and such a fighter. On October 20th, the family received bad news that there was still cancer present. Hunter is scheduled to start radiation treatment on November 2nd. Please help alleviate some of the stress by making a small donationAND/ OR PLEASE COME TO HER BENEFIT. TICKETS ARE $25 AND INCLUDES A KEEPSAKE, YOUR MEAL AND A CHANCE AT THE DOOR PRIZE. THE BENEFIT IS ON NOVE 22ND AT 6:00 PM AT THE ELK'S HALL. PLEASE KEEP HER IN YOUR HEARTS AND PRAYERS FOR A SAFE AND HEALTHY RECOVERY.


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    Default Re: Benefit for hunter hilliard

    Wow, I Went to public school with her mom!! I had no Idea,

    I wish this family all the best................

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