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    It seems that a few of you are interested in FTA systems which are capable of being hacked/flashed to receive channels that should be payed for. This is considered ILLEGAL just as it is to download software, games, music, movies and other media you would other wise have to pay for.

    If you want to discuss channels that are actually free, the hardware you use, or if you are looking for advice about what to buy then by all means go right ahead.

    DO NOT post anything that pertains to sites or info which can be used to obtain satellite channels in an illegal manner. Such information shall not be posted here on Soonet. If you wish to discuss these things I'm sure there are other forums that you can join to do so.

    So once again, simply stated........ FTA is illegal if you are using a hacked/flashed receiver to receive it. If you are simply using free to air legitimatly then no it is not illegal.

    Thank you.
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