A couple things and inaccuracies on here: As everyone else has said Plasma's do not need to be charged. I highly doubt the salesman actually believes this and if I think I know who said that it would not surprise me them lying to get a sale on a more expensive LCD. As for gaming the new plasma's are fine as they all have whitewash built into them that eliminates the ghosting you get from static images. Mine is an older model that doesn't have that feature and it can be resolved by leaving it on a snow channel for an hour or so.

I would buy a plasma for picture they are simply amazing and the new ones have about the same lifespan as an lcd. For watching movies they are incredible especially blueray as the theatre quality the other poster spoke of is not far off. I watched Dark Knight on mine and incredible is all i can say and as I say and my plasma is a few years old. Futureshop has a great tv right now a 42 inch plasma for 599, LG i believe. If you are looking for a good price and a warranty then Leons cant be beat. Their warranty includes inhome service through soo video. I payed a lot for mine but it was well worth it.

Anyway that is all

Good Luck