My best friend and I jam every night. I love the way he plays guitar. He's a bassist. He loves the way I play bass, I'm a violinist.

So we're both kind of getting used to new instruments. I love my bass, I love his guitar, the feeling is mutual and we're looking for an idea of what songs we should be doing.

He asked me to play a slipknot song on bass. I laughed. I won't Sorry. No offence but Flea is my idol. I bought my bass to worship him. I showed him By the Way RHCP and he was floored.

I guess the fact that he's almost 10 years younger than me would say our tastes are a lot different.

I've already played every Nirvana and Greenday song in the book but I love Radiohead, Bush, Live, The Hip, Nine Inch Nails, SOAD, The Cure, Pearl Jam, REM, Depeche Mode, David Bowie...But I mean I could go on, we're playing with two acoustics here.
We wanted to do some work together and just have him and I be able to pull off an unplugged set that suits both of our tastes.

He listens to Slipknot, We butter our bread with butter, The Murderdolls...

So what I'm looking for are song suggestions. Something we can both enjoy, something at an intermediate skill level and that would sound good with a 4 string acoustic bass and a 6 string classical acoustic.

Granted I re-arranged Glycerine for it to sound a little more our style and toned down the bridge part a bit so he could get through it. We're doing ok we just need songs....