I`ve had 4 friends beg off that i bought advance tickets for to see Jack Dekyser perform tonite at Casey`s, so i`m stuck with 4 tickets.

The 6 tickets i purchased where the very last of the advanced tickets sold. So basically it`s a sold out venue tonite at Casey`s and it looks to be a damm good time will be had by all. Jack`s a dear friend a Juno Award winner x over and a fine blues guitarist.

If you`re interested in picking up these tickets to see Jack perform at Casey`s tonite i`ll let them go for $25. 00 a pair, the door price would be $30.00. So you`ll save $5.00 bucks on a pair and $10.00 should you want all 4 and you`ll have the ability to get in early and have your pick of great seats. So dats $fity bucks if you want all 4.

Call Coop at 575-8376, first come first served.

Cheers, Six