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Thread: rotaryfest second stage

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    Default rotaryfest second stage

    Event Schedule

    1 p.m. - The Wild Turkeys (roots, country)

    2 p.m. - The Granola People (acoustic folk)

    3 p.m. - The Megan Jerome Band (acoustic folk)

    4 p.m. - The Revue (rock, alternative)

    5 p.m. - Catherine Taddo (blues, folk)

    6 p.m. - Clay Rooster (folk, rock)

    7 p.m. - The Cindy Doire Band (jazz, folk)

    8 p.m. - Big Wheel and The Spokes (funk, blues)

    9 p.m. - James McKenty and The Spades (rock)

    10 p.m. - IT (progressive rock)

    a great roster of local music. plz go check it out.
    the bry-ians from gates sub in for English band IT.. as well as craig west on bass. they are a trippy political and groove laiden prog rock band.. def worth a check out!

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    Default Re: rotaryfest second stage

    No Metal? Grrr, the Soo needs some Metal!

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