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Thread: getting an ownership on a vehicle.

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    Default getting an ownership on a vehicle.

    So I have been looking into an older vehicle as a restore project only problem is there is no ownership with the vehicle. How much of a headache is it to get a new ownership for the vehicle. The vehicle was left at a farm that was purchased by someone else.... No one has any idea of who might of held the last ownership or if they are still alive. I called the MTO but they told me that the original owner needed to produce an ownership or their power of attorney. ...... Any help would be appreciated.
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    Default Re: getting an ownership on a vehicle.

    Tim or Tom , the twin at the license bureau will guide you through the whole process.
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    Default Re: getting an ownership on a vehicle.

    I believe you can swear an affadavit stating the vehicle is not stolen, and get a new vin plate and modified vehicle ownership. Not entirely sure though. I may be wrong.
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