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Thread: surgery to repair floating knee cap...

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    Default surgery to repair floating knee cap...

    anyone have surgery to repair a floating knee cap? My doc said that i will be off it for 6 to 8 weeks and then start physio.... which brings me to withing 10 days of my wedding..... has anyone had this one and had a quicker recovery period? This is the second time I am having surgery to fix this problem and i have put it off for 2 years now. As much as I wish I could put it off again i just can't deal with the pain.
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    Default Re: surgery to repair floating knee cap...

    Well I just fractured my knee X 2, and dislocated knee capp at same time....Its the worst pain of my life..I am glad I had such a great Dr to take the time to fix it but I am off it for 4 months off work for almost 6 4-6 weeks dnt sound so bad. The way it was explained to me knee and joint injuries are better fixed while u are young u heal faster and have better i would have it fixed! Some days are horrid but I know in the end I did the right thing...both the tips of the femur and tibia (end of bones) both fractured from impact and I dislocated Patella I cry everyday..but I know when I am 65 I wont regret havin it fixed! just my thought.

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