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Thread: lazer eye surgury

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    Default lazer eye surgury

    Im debating getting this done.. ive had glasses since i was in my early teens.. im almost 30 now.. I think its time i fix this.. who do i speak to about this? my eye dr? or r their specialists in town i have to contact.. ??

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    Default Re: lazer eye surgury

    Yes, your eye dr will refer you if the surgery is appropriate in your situation. The man closest to us who does this is Dr Sorgini in Sudbury. I had mine done there and drove home the next day - without glasses. It really is remarkable. The cost was about $3000 for both eyes and it involved some discomfort, but no real pain.

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    Default Re: lazer eye surgury

    Dr S did my brothers eyes.. and he tells me everyday I see him I should have it done. My step dad went to have it done in ottawa and was denied.

    I have been wearing glasses since I was 4 and now am 31......

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