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Thread: What's wrong with these clowns?

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    The point is the cops are using these tasers without any thought into what they are doing. Lippy or not it`s ridiculous to see the numbers instances where tasers are misused by the police. These things kill people and they way to eager to try their new toys. If you don`t believe me I just did a Google search on the subject and there are at least three deaths in the last twenty-four hours.

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    "The modern atheist is always angered when he hears anything said about God and religion - he would be incapable of such a resentment if God were only a myth"

    -Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

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    HAHAHAHA! That pic is great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Object X View Post
    And screaming like a baby is anymore honorable than standing around like a spinless coward saying nothing when your rights are being throroughly trampled on. At least the screaming like a baby will attract attention to where its needed and hopefully resolve further incidents.
    Thank you!
    I have had more physical pain in my life, than most.
    Believe me when I say, I would have no problem.
    Standing up for myself is never an issue.
    What I couldn't live with is not doing something when I could have.
    ...we all fit in somewhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kabby View Post
    Nope. You misread.

    She had called the paramedics because her husband fell down the stairs. THe police came because of threat of him killing himself.

    Try to keep up
    Nope I read Correctly. Would you care to read it again?

    In America, now officially a police state, you will be tasered in your own home if you lip off to the police.

    Senior citizen Peter McFarland of Marin County, California, discovered this after he fell down the stairs outside his home last year. On June 29, 2009, McFarland tumbled down the stairs and after his wife called paramedics the cops showed up. They entered McFarland’s home and tasered him because they claimed he was suicidal.
    It's a Ford thing, you wouldn't understand.

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