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Thread: melatonin

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    Default melatonin

    i may have brought this up before, but im gonna ask again.

    i have a really really hard time falling/ falling and staying asleep. i have taken melatonin off and on for a couple of years. just this year i have developed intense foot burning/itching when i take it. i have scoured the net trying to find any info about it. all i can find is that itching can be a side effect and that most side effects go away.

    what i am wondering is why this side effect started after a couple of years and what it means.

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    Default Re: melatonin

    it could just be how the melotonin affects you; your system may be trying to reject it, usually this happens when you first take something, but not always.
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    Default Re: melatonin

    it could be something else in it. did you try switching to a different brand?
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    Default Re: melatonin

    You could also be taking perscriptions now that you were not before, that are conflicting. Talk to your pharmacist. Just because it is a natural product it does not mean it is safe.
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