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Thread: Howie Mandel

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    Default Howie Mandel

    Anyone going to see him at Kewadin next Sunday the 21st? My wife wants to go but I am not a huge fan of the guy. Anyone seen his show before and if so how was it?
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    Default Re: Howie Mandel

    I haven't been, but I can't stand him either. He's like carrot top, some love him, some hate him I guess
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    Default Re: Howie Mandel

    Why would you not go? Howie is entertaining. It's not like he is Robin Williams or something. I know one girl in the Sault that would really like to meet!
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    Default Re: Howie Mandel

    I actually went and seen him on my 21st Birthday. Loved it!!! I was a big fan before I went to the show.
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    Default Re: Howie Mandel

    here you go .. judge for yourself

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