Hi, I'm Sarah, Site Coordinator here for Contact North. Check us out at: www.contactnorth.ca.

We work to give you more access to courses and programs being offered by Ontario literacy organizations, the Independent Learning Centre (for high school credit or GED diploma prep), and our colleges and universities. Many courses, part time and full time programs are available in real time using Contact North, and even more are accessible 24/7 if you're comfortable learning that way. Most classes are accessed by e learning, some by video conferencing, and these days audio conferenced classes are pretty rare. You can see demonstrations of all of these taking a virtual tour on our website.

When you register for a course or program, you register with the institution that offers it and receive your certificate/diploma or degree from them. We can help you with registration.

What's free here: getting our help to find info on a course or program you're interested in, literacy and upgrading courses. Other courses/programs have tuitions, but you have the advantage of avoiding the costs of leaving your home community to take them.

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