It has come to our sad attention that our beloved Sault Greyhounds are not the team we had expected them to be by this point. We are a group of fans that are not only dedicated to hockey but to the Sault Greyhounds. We have been long time season ticket holders. We have come to the games, through wins, losses, rain, sleet, snow, storms, and some of us have even given birth and came to the game or lost a family member and yet attended the game in their name this is how loyal we are.

But it has come to our attention that Firstly season ticket holders are undervalued, we have had privileges taken away, we have no more perks than anyone who has boughten a ticket right off the street yet we are the ones that continually fill the stands, game in and game out.

Secondly how many years does it really take to rebuild hockey team? Torrie has lost all confidence with the fans. Anyone can draft a number one or number 2 draft pick when you have that ability, it really doesn’t take a great GM to be able to do this. It takes a Great GM to be able to put everything together, to be able to make the trades that will benefit the team. So far to date that has not happened. Two years ago Kingston and the Hounds both finished 19th and 20th respectively, both needing to rebuild our teams. Kingston is now pushing to contend in the East with smart drafting and quality/timely trades ie (ryan spooner, sean Jones (ex hound btw) and phillip gruabauer. We have lost trades to gain a player who is now not even with our team not on one or two occasions but on several, so we are no further a head than we were 2 years ago. We also had our golden opportunity last year to restock the cupboards and gain a few young up and comers by trading Lehner, Nolan, Quesnele and Muzz instead we got pounded by Plymouth because Velluci adjusted and Denny sat back scratching his head AGAIN wondering what happened!. Then we watched as the GM had to go into the locker room to talk to the players to try and “straighten” them up? Really why is he doing the coaches job? Which leads me to the coach.

Denny may be a “nice guy” but nice guys don’t win championships. Denny does not command respect, he doesn’t have the respect of the fans and from the game play he certainly does not have the respect of the players. How many times will fans and owners be fed the line “we are a young inexperienced team….we are learning” Our team still does not have set lines, set PP/PK units, thank god for Perugini the kid faces an average 35-50+ shots a flipping game and stops 95% of them and we still lose!? Fans are getting irritated by this. It is not because we are a young team. The Greyhounds have the talent, they have the speed, they have the know how. Any coach can teach a technique but it takes a GREAT coach to inspire, and motivate the players to do what is expected and it takes respect both ways. The players do not believe in the coach and we will never be a winning team with that. Denny is out coached by other coaches, players do not respect or fear him, players do not do what they are told. How are the players to play with passion when Denny shows no passion of his own, he does not make the calls that need to be made. IE benching certain players when needed, playing the players that should be played. Why are the players that are not producing on lines 1 and 2 while players that are improving and doing well are the ones serving penalties for their team members or sitting on the third or fourth string?

If this continues there will be fewer season ticket holders next year, the arena will be empty. As many of the fans are saying, we feel like we are being taken for granted and treated like the naive Toronto Maple leaf fans, why give us a winning team when we are still paying to see a loosing team. However unlike Toronto we do not have an unlimited supply of disposable income. In this town we work hard for our money we value our money and we don’t mind paying good money to see good hockey even if that means we lose so long as everyone is doing their best, unfortunately management and owners are not doing their best and allowing the talent of our boys go to waste and unseen by scouts. Management is breaking the banks of the fans and destroying the players potential future. CHANGES NEED TO BE MADE AND SOON. Is it no wonder parents and the players are calling their agents. Their hockey careers are going down the drain because management does not know how to manage and the owners have their heads in the sand.

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