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Thread: Why a no-pet rental clause is unenforceable

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    Default Re: Why a no-pet rental clause is unenforceable

    By no means am I saying all animal owners don't take care of their animals. I have animals my parents have a dog and that is great but SOME people specially when renting are of the mentality that they don't care what happens to the property since it isn't theirs. And since my parents own two apartment buildings with 4 apartments in each and since they have owned it they have had 4 tenants move out....Only 1 tenant took care of the apartment the other three not so much and they didn't have animals, can only imagine what it would have been like if they left it a disaster without pets then what would it have been like with pets.

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    Default Re: Why a no-pet rental clause is unenforceable

    i understand what you are all saying. but things have changed. the pets being similar to religion/ethnicity was explained to me when i was a landlord and the laws were changed. we also knew folks who lived in sudbury in an apartment that was set aside for seniors; along with the pets law came the rest of it that said you couldnt 'discriminate' against pets, children, age... ... unfortunatly the seniors apartment building soon became a mess where it used to be a 'community'. you are not allowed to advertise an apartment for rent with no kids - its discriminatory. you may not want kids, and have every right to not want kids around...

    people of all race and ethnic groups, pet owners and non pet owners can be wonderful clean people or total pigs. we used to allow pets before the laws changed, and most of the time everything was good, but we sure had a few loosers too. but those loosers were loosers without the pets too - it wasnt just their pets that did the damage.

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