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Thread: Slow Cookers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luv to be on the GO View Post
    Roast beef is awesome in the crock pot ( a reasonable roast
    turns out best )
    I put a pkg. of lipton onion soup mix and a small can
    of beef broth in with it ...cook on low 9 till 5
    Falls apart ....and what a flavour ...
    if you like you can strain all the juices if
    you want to make gravy !!
    beef broth! omg, i can't beleive i never thought of that. i guess that would be the obvious choice, eh?
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    Default Re: Slow Cookers

    President's Choice Chicken and Rib bbq sauce is GREAT! Also, Bullseye bbq sauce (which I have only been able to find at Pino's) is also amazing. I have used both with pork roasts, beef roasts, ribs...

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    Default Re: Slow Cookers

    I made a pork roast through the night on low, and had hubby shut it off when he woke up (early), and it is very juicy! I'm excited for supper now.
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    Default Re: Slow Cookers

    Bullseye BBQ sauce is awesome. You can also get it at Metro.
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