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Thread: 2011 GMC All Terrain HD

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    Default 2011 GMC All Terrain HD

    Wow is all I can say.

    The raptor is gonna need an overhaul next year.

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    Default Re: 2011 GMC All Terrain HD

    Looks not bad but it is still a GM. The one I already own is a diesel sucking POS. It is incapable of even holding a candle to a smaller Dodge. The GM is a one ton and the Dodge is a three quarter ton and there is no comparison, power, fuel, upkeep, the list goes on and on. The GM is the best looking truck I have ever had to have towed, several times.Too too sad.
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    Default Re: 2011 GMC All Terrain HD

    They loose the the money losing Hummer line do to high gas prices in 2008, now high gas prices are back and GM thinks there is a market once again for these gas guzzlers. GM will need another bailout soon. LOL

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